The End of a World


The End of a World

I am not a prisoner of History.
I must not seek the meaning of my destiny within it.

The grotesque ceremony represented on this wall hanging symbolises all the events that shook the African continent

during the 18th century while the slave trade was well under way. Going from the left and passed from ancestry,

the vital flux poisoned by strong alcohol can no longer regenerate among the new generations.

The priest himself in clown-like attire can no longer give it meaning, nor can he link the living to the dead.

The cycle is corrupted dismembered.

The spiritual message is nothing more than a perverted mix, soiled by the blood of the victims.

The greatest part of the vitality and ancestral wisdom is vainly lost in the sand.

Against the background of a dark sky, ghosts are tied in silence and await justice.


,,,/ extract chapter 7  L'océan Noir William Wilson; publisher: Editions Gallimard Paris France (in french) april 2009.

ISBN : 9 782070625239
© W. A. W