The slave drivers


The slave drivers


I am not slave to the slavery that dehumanized my forefathers.

In the middle of the wall hanging a king of Danxomé, wearing on his nostrils the ritual dust protection,

throws prisoners down into the tunnel of the forgotten with the insistent complicity of European slave drivers.

In the top left, slaves ripped away from their native land are led in three directions: North America, the Caribbean and South America.

The bolt of lightening that cuts across the sky is the symbol of the extreme violence that follows this history through and through.

In the bottom left, the slaves’ life force is exploited as if they were mere domesticated animals and

this force is sacrificed at the altar of profit.


.../ extract Chapter 6 L'océan Noir William Wilson; publisher: Editions Gallimard Paris France (in french) april 2009.

ISBN : 9 782070625239