It is through an effort in self-control and stripping of excess,

it is through a permanent tension of their freedom

that man can create ideal living conditions of a human world.

Through this series of heterogeneous objects and figures, aligned in a precarious order like a rebus of different entries I wanted to illustrate the perplexity of the traveller in front of all that he may have learnt and discovered during this trip.
These scattered elements act as a sort of toolbox containing symbols, ideas, dreams knowledge, thoughts, and encounters.

There are also all the obstacles that appeared: mysteries, mistakes, denials, incomprehension, chance omissions, secrets, and dissimulation.

After having thrown himself into his project with great enthusiasm, the traveller realises its complexity and ambiguity.

I would be lying if I claimed that I never felt powerless, disorientated. But each time this happened to me, each time I felt overwhelmed by the enormity of the task I had set myself, or seized by vertigo as the depths opened beneath my feet by the attempt I had so recklessly begun, I turned to my artistic compass.

The language that is mine, the shapes and execution that make up my personal style, that is what helped me the most to express what I felt when I was unsteady.


,,,/ extract chapter 16     © W. A. W