The price of blood


The price of blood

If the White man doubts my humanity, I will show him by thrusting all my weight as a man on his life,

that I am not this “Uncle Tom” that he continues to think I am.

This piece is a tribute to the “colonial troops” in particular the “Senegalese skirmishers”.

This generic term in fact includes soldiers from the entire French empire in Africa.

In 1914, the “Black force” is three-quarters former slaves or descendents of slaves,

taken from the trans-Saharan slave trade organised by the Arabs since the 5th century and which was dwindling.

Often enrolled against their will in conflicts that were far higher than them,

they were not only forced to face the enemy but also segregation within the French army.

They were also commonly used in wars of conquest or to maintain order in other parts of Africa.

This wall hanging also celebrates the memory of the 188 skirmishers slaughtered in Chasselay (France) in June 1940.

The German preferred to shoot them on the spot rather than take them to Germany

with the other French prisoners in order not to “soil the ground of the Reich”.


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