I do not have the right, I, a man of colour to wish upon the White man a crystallisation of guilt regarding the past of my race.

There is no Negro mission; there is no White burden.

On the back of the colonised, forced into a labour are flags of the European nations who argue and exploit the riches of the African continent.

The motorised colonial war machine crushes resistance. Technology and scientism seep deep into the heart of the land.

It has been said that building railways cost one Black man’s life for every ties and one White man’s for every kilometre…

The crosses symbolise the dead but also the introduction of Christianity, particularly in schools.

Colonial wars were the first in a long series of conflicts, ongoing till this day on other continents,

which figure a powerful invader, though little motivated and a restricted population, though not subjugated.

The African people only seemingly adhere to the new system that, under the pretence of bringing “civilisation”,

denies their customs, way of life and ancestral beliefs.


,,,/ extract chapter 8
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