The traveller


The traveller

I am a man and it is the whole of history with which I have to start again.
All the quotations at the head of chapters are from Frantz Fanon (1925-1961).


Following the path of the heart, at one with his boat and carried by the unyielding flow of time, the traveller heads for the past.

He crosses the Atlantic Ocean in search of the story of his origins, through that of three continents.

From Europe to Africa and America, North and South, this traveller has begun a long quest full of danger and ambushes,

of prejudice, of denial and ghosts, which are symbolised by the sphinx dragon.


The latter adorns a pharaoh’s mask, a sign of deep respect that brings to mind the ancestors, whose wisdom has been a shield for thousands of years.
The traveller’s hat displays the black star of the Black Star Line, a naval company created by the Jamaican Marcus Garvey in the 1920s to link,

both commercially and culturally, all the Africans dispersed around the Atlantic coastline.

In the sky and in keeping with the African saying, the bird-watchman represents “the eye that sees further than the hand can reach”. It symbolises the hope that through knowledge one can overcome contingencies.
It is also under the combined signs of humour and beauty, of thought and images that the traveller will, throughout these pages, attempt to communicate his experience.

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