The Black Ocean is headed by the pictogram adinkra Sankofa, (the duck looking backwards)

which means, “go back and fetch”, in other words “learn from the past”.


On each wall hanging there is a pictogram. This group of visual symbols is called adinkra.

It was created by the Akan people of modern day Ghana a few centuries ago but is constantly evolving.
These symbols represent concepts and aphorisms, which aim to pass on the philosophy,

ethics and beliefs that lay at the root of Akan civilisation and more widely of all human society.

Originally they were used only for shrouds (adinkra means ”goodbye”) ; they can now be found on clothes,

walls or house doors and many other objects used in rituals and everyday life.

As for me, I have used them to highlight one important aspect of the thematic of each wall hanging.


,,,/ extract chapter 1 in l’Océan noir Editions Gallimard Paris France (in french) april 2009. ISBN : 9 782070625239
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