Specification sheet. The Black Ocean a touring show.

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A travelling exhibition



Requirements & Terms of Reference

Shipping "wall to wall"
Shipping and insurances costs to the hosting venue under contract are borne by the local partner.

In case of an intercontinental transfer, the initial estimates may be shared by the different venues and partners.

The artist wishes to be regularly informed about local shipping modalities:

dates of removal, of delivery and insurance guarantees.


Hangings & Unhangings
The exhibition is composed by 18 cloths of 100X170 cm, hanging on two rods, along 40 to 45 linear meters footage.
18 rods size; 200cm with a diameter of 5cm maxi to go in the upper hem and fixed on the support.
18 rods size: 165cm with a diameter of 5cm maxi to be hidden in the bottom hem.

Any other convenient system is possible (cables, etc).

The works are travelling in a special wooden box.

Size: 145 X 45 X 51cm. Total Weight 50kg


Security & Insurance guarantees
The insurance contracts should cover the guarantees of a standard day & night security for a global value of 40.000 USD; the artist wishes to be kept posted of the regular contract conditions in force inside the venue (contract copy) or of any other guarding arrangements taken for the implementation of the exhibition " The Black Ocean", notably the storage and security conditions expected in case of a delay between delivery and hanging, or between unhanging and removal to the next destination.


Opening, Communication & Merchandising
The team puts at each partner's disposal a set of five (5) copyright free colour slides of the main cloths of the show, a biography of the artist, a press release and clippings regularly updated.



Exhibition rental cost
For 6 to 8 weeks of an exhibition period, each venue takes in charge a cost about 5.000 $. The technical costs are not included : shipping and insurance, travels and stays.


Ocean Noir Dakar 2010

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