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Vodoons in procession 2014- Wax print on paper 68 X 89cm

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Under this section you will be able to preview samples of my newest creations before the upcoming exhibitions.
These pieces belong to the VODOONS series.
The Voodoo religion probably started with the Yorouba, a powerful people who lived mostly in what is today Nigeria, but its influence spread all around West Africa.
Vodoons are intermediaries between the two primal Gods, Lissa, the male principle, and Mahu, the female one.
This divine couple sits beyond the reach of human understanding; therefore, Vodoons act as go-between for people and Gods as well. They possess the gift of shape shifting and they are able to transform themselves at will to help protect the social and private life of the community. (In the FON language the concept of Vodoon also means "the act of creating".)

With this new series, I set out to explore the notion of shape shifting, using it as a “shape factory” to express intriguing ideas, feelings and desires.
To continue my research on fabric in the wake of my recent series Black Ocean, I use Wax cotton, so called African Wax even though it has been woven in Europe (Holland and the United Kingdom) since the mid XIX century. It has nevertheless become a symbol of “African colors”.
There is no religious element in my work, only an attempt to express my view of the ubiquitous mystery: where are we from, and where shall we be after our brief spark of existence?

Collages: fabric on traditional rag paper, approximately 90x68cm.
© william adjété wilson